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CANYCOM CMX227 CMX1402 cutting tall grass blackberry on sloping steep gradient mowed mulched section


Extreme Mowing Supremacy.

Canycom Steep gradient sloping section mowing 4x4 4wd AWD


Sandie & John, Kaiwaka

"We have just over 2 acres to maintain, much of which is quite steep.  Our first mower was a [out front deck] zero turn model which was great but unable to cope with the slopes, especially when slippery.  We were definitely concerned for our safety when mowing some areas.  We then asked for demos of 3 other brands and styles of ride-on and although OK for other situations, nothing compared to the CANYCOM. The CANYCOM is brilliant.  We have managed to clear lumpy overgrown areas that were previously cow paddocks and feel totally safe on it in all situations. Having diff lock is a bonus for the odd occasion when we might push the boundaries too far, like getting too close to a pond or ditch! When we need to transport plants etc on the land it's great to use the CANYCOM in low ratio and hook a trailer on - it's not just a mowing machine.


In short we just love it, and wish we had known about this mower before we bought our first ride on for the property."


Jake Smit, Kaukapakapa

"Love the machine, where to start. With the winch [has Batwing Winchbar with skid plate fitted for those 4WD adventures] you can now get in and out of trouble. Cuts 1.5 mtr tall blackberry without problems. Great paddock topper without causing tractor tyre ruts and blackberry slope conquerer. If it is too wet for the tractor the CANYCOM will get you there and back again. And of course great service from you and your team."



Derek & Sally, Duck Creek Olive Oil, Matakana, 

"In one day we mulched what would have normally taken one month with a chipper and only used 10 litres of fuel. We found the machine phenomenal. It's power relative to its size and mulching abilities were incredible taking on prunings up to 60mm in diameter. We could also mow around the house on the slopes without dammage to the lawn [in the midst of Winter and soft ground]."


Morris H, Matakana

"Trialed many machines and the CANYCOM was the only machine that could negotiate our steep slope. No problem leveling brambles over 2m high and great for mulching prunings etc... Now about to be used to service [mow and spray] our newly planted vineyard on our steep slope. Tremendous value for money."


Ralph Kast, Matakana

"I have a section in Matakana fit for goats or sheep but I am not a farmer or a shepherd. 10 years ago I purchased a Grillo Climber, 5 years later I turned it in for a Masport Cross Jet. I recently bought from you in Warkworth a CANYCOM CMX1402. This machine is superior as far as engine, drive train, braking and mower deck to the other two. Mowing in the wet on my steep slopes was impossible and potentially dangerous with the other two machines almost out of control on the wet grass. The CANYCOM with the AWD in low range was completely in control and could mow the heavy wet grass with ease. No strain on the motor or drive train. It simply did the job very, very well. The shaft braking system is unbeatable. Cleaning the machine is far easier with the opening side to the mower deck. The machine can be cleaned with a simple garden hose. I expect to get many years of use out of the CANYCOM brush cutter and mower. It is well worth the extra cost. The safety and durability of this “CAN DO” machine is superior. Thank you again for your “heads up” and the introduction of the CANYCOM."


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